Introducing The Culture Shift Power Package

Designed for HR Leaders, Senior Executive Teams and Diversity & Inclusion Committees


Today's quick fix, band-aid solutions to closing the Gender Gap & better support women are simply not working!


There remains a lack of women holding senior leadership roles and board positions across many industries


What's needed is a Holistic Approach to creating a Unified Workplace™, an approach that increases Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration


Beginning with Unifying your Senior Leadership Teams – Establishing a shared vision for unity and committing to a new way forward

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Start by Getting Leaders on the Same Page

We created the Culture Shift Power Session to help the organizations senior leaders become champions for unity in the workplace.

We help leadership teams create a unified vision, holistic unity strategy, action plans and measurement tools.

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Introducing a New approach to Unity



The program offers a practical and engaging approach, designed to help you align your Senior Executive Team towards a common purpose and approach to developing a Vision, Holistic Unity Strategy and Action Plan for creating a more Unified Workplace™

Transitioning senior leaders from supporters into fully-engaged Unity Champions.  

This package includes:

1. Pre-Session Unity Discovery Consulting (3-hrs)

  • Discovery Session with your HR and/or Diversity & Inclusion Team, to gain a clear understanding of the organizations current Unity Labyrinth (i.e., Corporate Culture & Unity Environment)

  • Conduct a high-level Unity Gap Analysis

  • Provide clients with a Unity Discovery Report 

2. Culture Shift Power Session with HR Leaders and/or Senior Executive Team (3-hrs)

     During this collaborative, practical and experiential learning session your team will:

  • Begin by establishing a common understanding of the current Unity Landscape, starting with a high-level review of the Unity Discovery Report and explore existing strengths, opportunities, areas of weakness

  • Establish a shared understanding and vision for what it means to be a Unified Workplace™ in your organization

  • Map out your organizations unique Workplace Labyrinth 

  • Explore ways to make it easier for women to successfully navigate your Workplace Labyrinth

  • Develop a holistic approach to closing the Gender Gap, with high-level strategies for increasing Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration

  • Begin crafting a Unity Action Plan and identifying critical next steps, which engage the organizations leaders and workforce from a top down and bottom up approach

  • Learn how to systematically create innovation by leveraging unity

  • Benefit from learning new mindsets, new behaviours and new habits for creating unity in the workplace

  • Gain access to valuable toolkits and resources designed to support you on your journey 

3. Post-Session Unity Coaching Session (2-hrs)

  • Meeting with your HR and/or Diversity & Inclusion Team to debrief the power session, review progress, provide follow-up support and identify next steps to ensure you harness and the maintain momentum

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Women Leadership Nation is here to help guide you every step of the way!

Don’t miss this AMAZING opportunity to engage your senior leaders, establish a common understanding and inspire them to become Gender Champions!

It's time for a new approach! 

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Culture Shift Power Session Package

Now Only $9,500 + HST for a maximum of 30 participants

(Original value was $15,000)

Culture Shift Power Session (pdf)


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Who We Help!

Supporting companies at ALL STAGES of the unity continuum


Companies Who Haven’t Started

 Those in the early stages and beginning to consider taking steps to better support women leaders.


Companies Who Have Started with Some Initiatives Underway

 Those who have begun to make progress, perhaps have a Diversity & Inclusion Committee and are implementing some new initiatives. 


Companies Who Are Well-Established

 Those who have established a proven unity strategy and are already generating results and are interested in maintaining momentum and continuing to grow.

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